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Stuff To Do On a Rainy Day

 I hope you all liked my short story, and if you haven't seen it yet, check it out. So it's really rainy outside, so I thought I'd make a list (long term readers, you get me by now) of things you can do on rainy days. But first, here's a little picture of what the weather was like yesterday, just to show you how annoying the weather is:

Argh! How irritating! Here's the list:

A short list of things to do on a rainy day

  • Find a board game
Even though they have gone a bit out of fashion, they are still fun at desperate times, like on rainy days.
  • Start writing a story
All you need is some characters, something you are interested in, an unexpecting twist and an imagination for this on a rainy day.
  • Bake a cake
This can be really fun on a dull day, and a piece of cake can really help. You don’t have to bake a cake, you can make anything with the ingredients you have.
  • Clean your room
This doesn’t sound fun. But if you turn up the sixties music, and dance along with your broom. Watch out, strictly come dancing!
  • Start learning something something new
Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to it? Now is the time to start.
  • Learn a new craft
Can you knit? Sew? Crochet? Basket Making? Weaving?I spend a lot of time knitting and sewing, and who knows, you might never have to buy a Christmas present again!
  • Design your dream house
I did that already today, and it takes a while. Take time and add lots of detail, and you never know, the architect inside you might be better than you think.
I think that is definitely enough, and you should never say the b-word (bored) again. You might even find yourself staying in on a sunny day with these!

Here’s today’s quote:
There is nothing better on a rainy day than to soak in a bubble bath. - Zoella (Best person ever)
How did this happen? I looked up rainy day quotes and it turns out she said that! 

Meain Girl- going back to real life xxx


  1. You got me laughing with Zoë! That is an amazing picture! And also pretty good tips of what to do in a rainy day... I personally love to have something sweet, wrap up in a blanket and read a book :)

    1. I like your idea :) Thanks about the picture and tips... as I said before, it really means a lot to me! Your idea sounds ideal, and I'm actually in a blanket with my book beside me and I'm just after making some muffins!
      R xxx


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